Soanso's Serpent's Skull Campaign

N'kechi's Journal part 1

Racing to Ruin

Gozreh is strange in her ways. A few days ago, a tribe of Northerners appeared at my doorstep, asking for guidance through the Mwangi. I admit, I was amused, so I presented them with two challenges worthy of Gozreh’s guidance. When the Varisian produced a black diving pearl, I was impressed; I assumed Chirok would kill them all. Few visitors to this stretch of coast understand the storm-bird, or are quick enough to snatch a feather intact from the nest. Most interlopers see the storm-bird as a threat and intend to kill it, but she always bests them.

When the troupe returned unscathed, feather in hand, I knew that passing the Ijo clan that worship Chirok allowed the Intruders’ passage, I felt Gozreh’s blessing. When they told me of Tazion I knew that I had been called by Gozreh to attend these souls to their destination.

To be sure we participated in The Awakening; though the young caster was somewhat hesitant, we contacted out spirit brethren in order to become closer to Gozreh. Calamity, though, marred the ritual- a dream-snake appeared from nowhere! These Northerners have awakened some deep evil, I fear, though Gozreh remains silent upon my divination of this subject.

It is set, I am to lead this crew through the wilds of Sargava and the Mwangi Expanse. They never contracted me for payment; another blessing of Gozreh. Those who seek true ask no price; those with agenda demand pay.

We have contacted a local girl, likely a druid or ranger, judging from her docile saurian pet. Athyra has agreed to act as a forward scout if the crew can clear the salt mine of evil. I notice she has a particular, though vague, attachment to it. The young wizard has taken shine to the girl; if this were the proper North, the rules of courtship might apply. Alas, she is too wild and he too foolish for a courtship. She has noticed him before others, though, certain to be sure her eyes meet his on occasion.

The salt mine was an abomination of the highest accord. I doubt the Northerners would have survived without me; the volume of wights was immense. A large orb glowing with blue light, reeking of negative energy dominated a central cavern. Two powerful wights were destroyed, and the end of the mine found.



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