Soanso's Serpent's Skull Campaign

Session 12: Racing to Ruin

Session 12 Recap

The Saviors of the Shiv finalize their agreement with the Pathfinders, though not before dealing with a halfling who was found tailing them. He claimed to have been hired by the Aspis Consortium to offer the group a deal; finding the Consortium in poor taste, the group dismissed the pitiful sneak and his master’s offer.

Amivor Glaur directs them to the Pathfinder warehouse to meet with Klaus, the agent coordinating the expedition. They should put special requests in with him and be ready to leave in a few days’ time. While finishing up some last minute haggling, a frenzied mob presses through the streets, shouting about an attack by the Freemen’s Brotherhood. A pack of wild, rabid dogs snaps at their heels. The dogs are dealt with, and Kay’Es notices several wisps of smoke in the city’s skyline- specifically from the direction of the warehouse!

The party arrives at the warehouse to discover a band of insurgent arsonists intent on torching the block. Several are killed and one is subdued; Ace summons a water elemental to help with the flames until several volunteer firefighters arrive on scene. The party is told by one volunteer that Umagro, the new leader of the Brotherhood, has taken a prisoner to the roof of the South Arcadian Whaling Company rooftop and is threatening war on all of Eleder!

Umagro has taken Ishirou, one of the Shiv Ten, prisoner and is in the midst of a tirade against slavery and foreign elements in the Mwangi. The party decides to force their way through the front office of the compound. Several insurgents are battled. Umagro slits Ishirou’s throat and sends him tumbling off the roof!

The reserved Tian treasure-hunter would have fallen to his death if not for Ace and Arendel. While Max and Taraz wade through several combatants, exchanging blows and curses- Max is wielding a dagger because his hammer is still being worked on- Ace summons an air elemental to stop Ishirou’s fall, as well as several eagles to harass the Brotherhood’s leader. Arendel casts invisibility on himself and sneaks up to the rooftop and is able to stop Ishirou from falling farther. A well-used mirror image saves the young mage’s life, as Umagro attacks him with raging kukris!

Umagro is killed, the fires extinguished, and 2 prisoners taken by the party. On Umagro’s body they find a coin-like emblem bearing the symbol of the Aspis Consortium. They rendezvous at the warehouse, and interrogate the prisoners. They find out that men bearing badges with the same symbol found on Umagro’s body visited their leader earlier, and that he declared war on the city after their departure. Finding little more, the prisoners are released.



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