Arendel Whisperson

Arendel is a skinny, bookish, human male Wizard. He enjoys meeting new people almost as much as discovering forgotten lore.


Male Human Fire Elementalist Wizard 8.

Str:9 Dex:16 Con:12 Int:20 Wis:12 Cha:12


Physical Description: Short, bookish, well dressed, Human Male Wizard. 5’6", 130 lbs. Occasionally wears wire rim glasses, not because he needs them, but because he think it makes him look smarter. A quirk he picked up trying to impress his professors at school.

Personality: Friendly and gregarious to any who are accepting, Arendel prefers to make friends over fighting. He considers himself an intellect and a diplomat (2 things he excels at), but is a poor liar and is somewhat gullible. He is aware of both of these faults and often questions the beliefs and motives of others. He has taken on the motto, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.”

History: Raised by his mother, a powerful Eldritch Knight called Whisper, Arendel started to learn magic at a young age. Though he picked up magic readily, he did not have the physical strength to develop the skills needed for fighting.

Initially his mother resisted his urge to go adventuring and sent him to some of the finest schools in the lands to feed his thirst for knowledge. From there he developed a strong interest in knowledge of all types, from magic and history to planar and religious knowledge. Having finished his schooling he has a strong desire to learn more and seek out forgotten knowledge (Especially Arcane Knowledge).

So, it would seem school has only delayed the inevitable, Arendel is beginning his career as an adventurer. His first goal, find and explore some of the many lost ruins within the Mwangi expanse.

His first goal probably should have been to find colleagues to accompany him. Well, perhaps that will work itself out. For now he has booked a trip aboard a ship that will take him where he wants to go.

Arendel is personable and generally enjoys meeting new people from all walks of life. He does not enjoy killing, though he will do so if he must. He prefers to try to parlay first. He is smart enough to know he is a poor liar and therefore prefers to tell the truth in most interactions. When deceit is called for, he will try to defer to others to handle the conversation.

He doesn’t know who his father is and his mother has given him very few clues. Arendel knows his father is male and a womanizer, beyond that he’s unsure. His mother has never had anything nice to say about his father and there is a strong possibility of more than a few half-siblings. His mother has never used a surname (if she, in fact, has one) and has refused to tell Arendel the last name of his father, so he has taken to using the last name Whisperson.

Originally from the new River Kingdom of Freedonia, it has been a long (and expensive) trip south. Along the way Arendel has had to stop and work as a scribe from time to time to earn the money for the next leg of his journey. His latest stop in Ilizmagorti has finally reached its end as he has finally earned enough for the last step in his journey. Now he has spent all but his last gold piece for passage on the Jenivere to Sargava.

Arendel Whisperson

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