Gelik Aberwhinge

Snotty Varisian gnome whose tales of past glory may hide a deeper shame.


Gelik boarded in Magnimar, “just for fun.” He spends most of his time doing one or all of four things- writing in an over-sized journal in the ship’s common rooms, complaining about the food, telling long, sidetracked stories about his adventures in northern Avistan, and complaining about the lack of “cultured” company.


Gelik is a spry gnome with blond hair and a neat goatee. He dresses in aristocratic finery which is always impeccable, save for the ink stains on his fingers. He is sharp-witted to a fault, always pushing one button too many; he may get a small thrill from riling others up. His stories of adventure are fascinating, and always long-winded and always ending with a disaster most certainly not his fault. Gelik doesn’t seem to sleep much, if at all, and is found roaming all over the ship, day or night.

Gelik Aberwhinge

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