Dour Tian native, this young man seems aged beyond his years.


Ishirou is a quiet human from the far-off lands of Tian Xa. He speaks little but is not unfriendly; it is obvious he carries an enormous burden. He is strong and seaworthy, often giving pointers to the ship’s toadies. Any time a woman speaks with him, he seems shy, uncomfortable.


Ishirou spends the dawn practicing an odd set of physical exercises on deck, entranced in some strange ritual involving complex breathing and movement patterns. He spends dusk in the same locale, wielding his katana sword in a manner unknown to Inner Sea natives. He seems dextrous of mind and body for one who appears to be so old.

Ishirou receives the group’s offer of a full share of Quellig’s treasure:

“Hmm. Yes, a full share would be appreciated, but undeserved by one such as myself. I will only accept this sword from your offer, however, as it would help me accomplish my goal if we ever are rescued from this wretched island.”

“You see, collecting treasure maps is a poor metaphor for my life. I am searching for something to replace what was most valuable to me- my father. I was raised on the ocean, my father was the captain of his own merchant ship, and we sailed the world with him. But, as a boy, I would see other children, families, living in port, on land, not always leaving friends behind, not always alone. In a fit of jealousy, I hatched a plan- knowing his ship was insured, I figured burning it to the ocean floor would free us- physically and financially- but I misjudged my father’s love of the sea. He leaped aboard the ship and died trying to douse the flames. Ashamed, I stowed away on the first vessel I came across, to escape the horror of my actions.

It was owned by the Aspis Consortium, and when I was discovered, they pressed me into service to repay my debts for nearly a year hidden at sea. Being the foul dealers they are, the interest alone has been hell, but I had booked passage on the Jenevire so I could work a little in Eleder to finish paying my debts, and walk away forever.”


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