Jask Derindi

This middle-aged cleric of Nethys is manacled and allowed only a paltry amount of fresh air.


Jask is a prisoner aboard ship, being sent to Sargava for crimes against the Sargavan government. He is an admitted cleric of Nethys, god of magic and balance. He is allowed three meals and two hours of manacled recreation on deck. No one aboard seems to mistreat the prisoner; he is treated as cargo but is allowed the basic decencies of life.


Jask is a guarded man, but will share his conspiracy theories involving the Sargavan government, pirates of the Shackles, and unknown-but-involved Chelish nobles in a racketeering scheme involving tons of gold, salt, spice, and slaves with anyone who will listen. He is imprisoned in the lower cargo hold and has been stripped of his holy symbol.

Jask Derindi

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