Sasha Nevah

At first glance, Sasha is too young to be alone at sea. Then the eye drifts to the missing left piny finger.


Sasha boarded in Ilizmagorti, as the ship was furiously trying to raise sail and depart. Her mane of red hair frames her particular mood; she is boisterous and fun-loving, bordering on manic. She is young, and rebuffs most questions about her personage with an equally poignant question about exotic, rare, or mythical beasts.


Sasha is an attractive human woman missing her left pinky finger. Her green eyes are mischievous and her laughter borders on the insane- what one might expect from a child forced into adulthood too early. Her mania is tempered with a strong dislike of authority. Despite the heat, Sasha always appears above deck in her chain shirt, and is a favorite amongst the crew.

Sasha Nevah

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