Taraz Nadar

Aasimar oracle of life


House Rule Modified aasimar oracle of life, curse of tongues, follower of Sarenrae. His name translates to Common from Celestial as the disciple beyond.


Traveling under the pseudonym “T’ar Roddan,” Taraz Nadar needed to escape the life he left in Absalom. This strong, stoic aasimar radiates balance much like the edge of a blade. His name translates to Common from Celestial as ‘the disciple beyond.’

Taraz was raised in a well-appointed house in Absalom’s Ascendant Court neighborhood, within walking distance of the Starstone Cathedral, one of Golarion’s holiest sites. Taraz knew he was different from his siblings in the way they all knew they were different from each other- “Mother” and “Father” had taken them in off the streets, away from the poorest communities in Absalom, to give them a chance to live a full life.

Though strict, Mother and Father provided food and clothing for the many siblings he knew over the years. For Taraz, being chastised for tardiness, smacked for foolishness, and locked away alone for lying were all parts of growing up; until the seizures began. Around his 15th birthday, the “Touched One,” as Mother and Father called him, felt his soul shaken in his body by inexplicable forces. In times of duress he found it harder and harder to speak, his words confused and confusing to those listening; the beatings increased and Taraz withdrew.

It was in his 17th year that Taraz was awakened. His favorite sister, Penelope, mysteriously “died” after men on black horses visited the House. When he questioned Father, he was beaten and shackled, alone, in his room. Then came the Vision, sent by the goddess Sarenrae: A coffer of jewels in the basement could be used to free him and his siblings. Mother and Father were nothing but slavers, he realized, evil minds set to cruel tasks. Taraz freed himself in the night, crept to the basement and out a window, jewels in hand, and hopped the first ship out of Absalom.

His journey took him to Magnimar, in Varisia, where he signed on to another ship, vowing to find Penelope, his lost half-elven sister. The Jenevire was leaving port, and looking for sailors. He penned the name “T’ar Roddan” on the captain’s contract, in case Mother or Father came looking for him…

Taraz Nadar

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