Jungle Boogie

Surviving The Jungle

Here are a few tips on jungle survival and how they can and will be used in Serpent’s Skull.

ONE: Establish a campsite- This has many benefits, chief among which is that it shelters you from the sun, allows you a defensible position, and helps keep disease-carrying parasites away. Building a camp requires tools and supplies, either manufactured or natural. Base Camps provide both manned and environmental bonuses.

Base Camp- defensible and practical, building a Base Camp requires a Survival check, equipment, and requires 8 hours’ time to find a suitable location and prepare the site. Base camps are manned and provide many bonuses to surviving the jungle. Jobs include:

Defender- set traps and see to safety of camp. Each defender gives the campsite and inhabitants 2d6 dmg against the first hostile encounter per day, spread equally among attackers.

Entertainer- raises morale of the inhabitants through song, bon vivant, and counsel. Grants a bonus to the morale of all NPCs in camp. Will play ‘Free Bird’ if asked nicely.

Guard- each guard raises the profile of camp, keeping feral predators at bay through their rounds of the campsite. Does not attract intelligent predators any more than an established camp would otherwise.

Hunter- each hunter provides enough food and water for 8 medium creatures per day.

Medic- each medic reduces the chance of contracting disease, as well as increasing the number of HP healed naturally by night’s rest by 2.

There are no skill checks needed to perform any one duty. Inhabitants may only hold one task at a time. Inhabitants can strike a Base Camp in 4 hours, assuming they intend to relocate it.

TWO: Food and water- A Medium creature requires 2 gallons of potable water and one pound of edible foodstuffs to avoid starvation in jungle climates. Small creatures require half this amount. 4 hours of hunting and foraging in the jungle allows for a Survival skill check, DC 10. Every 2 points above this provides food and water for one additional person.

THREE: Environmental hazards- The jungle is rife with disease-carrying insects and parasites, and PCs must make a disease % roll every night. The chances of contracting a disease is reduced by shelter and other means.

The heat in the jungle is most oppressive at midday. Any strenuous activity taken between noon and 3 pm results in that character taking a Fortitude save to avoid non-lethal heat damage. A Survival skill check (DC 15) may provide a bonus to these checks: +2 to Fortitude saving throws while moving half speed, +4 if stationary.

Strenuous activities include, but are not limited to: combat, moving at full speed, foraging, and exploring at half movement.

The Save DC is 15 (+1 for each previous check), damage is 1d4 non-lethal. Any character wearing heavy clothes or armor of any kind takes a – 4 penalty to this roll. If a character suffers non-lethal HP loss equal to or greater than their current HP, they fall unconscious and begin suffering lethal damage, 1d4 HP/10 minutes until they are treated- splashing or immersing in cold water, sheltered in shade, endure elements spell, etc. This ends lethal damage, but the Fatigued condition still applies.

Characters taking ANY non-lethal heat damage are considered Fatigued- cannot run or charge, -2 to Strength and Dexterity ability scores, normally ‘fatiguing’ activities cause Exhaustion. Remedy is 8 hours of complete rest.

[Survival skill, pg 107 PF Core, Environmental Hazards/Heat pg 444 PF Core]

Jungle Boogie

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