House Rules & Hero Points

House Rules Recap

Just a quick reiteration of some of what we have been playing as “House Rules.”

- Death and Dying: Death will be per standard Pathfinder rules.
- Heroism: As exceptional people in this world, you may receive “Hero Points.” These are detailed in the APG, and in the Hero Point Appendix. A well thought-out background, clever role-play, unselfish and/or brazen acts in combat, or sick dice-rolling can all gain Hero Points at the DMs discretion. No Character can have more than 3 Hero Points at any given time.
- The Leadership Feat will be unavailable. Familiars, animal companions, and mounts are in, but I ask you to be familiar with them. Not Biblically, though.
- Item Creation Feats will be discouraged, except for Scribe Scroll and Brew Potion.
- Character Sheets: please give me a copy of your character sheet- either electronic or paper- whatever form as long as it’s complete.
- Scribe: One person should track the party’s gains and losses. This person should make available party funds, unclaimed gear, campaign errata known to the party as needed.

Hero Point System

Caveat: Hero Points are awarded at the DM’s discretion. The “awarding Hero Points” section on pg 322 is a good guideline, but is not a set rule.

Hero Point Feats and Spells will not be allowed in this campaign. Likewise, Hero Points cannot be gained at each level advance.

Max: All characters may have a total of 3 total Hero Points at any time. Any others are lost.

To Start: characters will not begin with a free Hero Point. Your first Hero Point can be earned with a well-crafted back story for your character. This means a flavored background which may or may not be directly tied to the Serpent’s Skull AP or other characters, but should place your character aboard the [[Jenevire | Jenevire]]

Cheat Death: By spending 1 hero point while dying (less than 0 and still making Con Checks), Stable (less than 0 but having succeeded in a Con Check) or Dead (below -Con score) you will regain 1d8 + Con Modifier HP. If this puts you above -Con but below 0 HP you are Stable, if this puts you into Positive HP you are Conscious and can act normally next round on your turn. If you are still below -Con, you are Dead.

Escape Death: If a character dies from Massive Damage, 3 Hero Points may be used to bring that character to -1 HP, unstable and dying in the square the body currently occupies. Escape Death restores only hit points; any ability damage, level drain, etc. still applies. Any conditions or buffs in place when the character was slain are still in effect (and durations pass as normal.)
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House Rules & Hero Points

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